Madalina Moraru

Madalina Moraru (PhD in Law) is currently a part-time Assistant Professor at the Centre for Judicial Cooperation of the European University Institute (EUI). She obtained her PhD from the EUI in 2015 with a thesis entitled Protecting (unrepresented) EU citizens in third countries: the intertwining roles of the EU and its Member States. She has a magna cum laude LLM in European Law from Durham University (2008), as well as from the EUI (2010), and a law degree from the Faculty of Law, Bucharest (2007). She has been a Research Policy Officer for the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament; and a Visiting Fellow at the Court of Justice of the European Union. She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Law Faculty, Masaryk University in Czech Republic. She has authored numerous publications on the external dimension of EU citizenship, the role of courts in shaping refugee and migration law, rule of law and judicial interactions on fundamental rights. She has been awarded numerous grants from European and national funding agencies.
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